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Supplements — the Good, the Bad, and the Underrated/Overrated

October 26, 2023 Turo Virta
FitMitTuro Fitness Podcast
Supplements — the Good, the Bad, and the Underrated/Overrated
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Are you overwhelmed by the multitude of supplements available in the market? Wondering which ones will actually benefit you and which are just hype? Tune in to this eye-opening episode where I break down everything you need to know about the world of supplements.

I listed 5 most beneficial supplements, 5 most overrated supplements and talked about collagen, fat burners and BCAAs

  • Protein Powerhouse: Get the lowdown on protein powder's role in muscle growth, quick recovery, and weight management. Optimize your protein intake with our pro tips! (Starts at 1:20)
  • Morning Routine with Whey: Discover why our guest mixes whey protein with Greek yogurt and fruit for a power-packed start to the day. (Starts at 5:08)
  • The Creatine Craze: Unlock the full potential of creatine for not just muscle strength but also cognitive benefits. Should you add it to your supplement stack? (Starts at 6:46)
  • Top Picks and Pitfalls: From the must-have Omega-3s to the overrated options, get the insider scoop on the best and worst supplements for your health. (Starts at 11:34)
  •  Fat Loss Supplements: Learn about the real-world limitations of popular fat loss supplements and why lifestyle changes trump supplement reliance. (Starts at 24:12)
  • Quality Over Quantity: Hear why I swear by Alps Solute Solution protein powder and how to choose a protein source that suits you best. (Starts at 28:02)

This episode is a goldmine of practical information that dispels myths and sets you on the right path to make informed decisions about supplements. Whether you're an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or someone just looking to improve their health, this episode has something for everyone!

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First of your money and then I'm going to put I'm using myself what I recommend and and a little bit what is science telling about the supplements and to who they should or should be using these supplements. So because there are so many supplements it's a huge, huge business. And for most of the people like for my clients they are either using supplements that are not worth your money or then they are not maybe using something what could actually help but before getting into the episode I want to tell you that their supplements they are not necessarily you don't necessarily need supplements, but some supplements can really help you to improve your workout or your overall health or or diet and which supplements are the most beneficial which you should be avoiding that you will find out in this episode. So I want to get started with one what what is the most beneficial supplements and that is number one. Gotta be in this list. Protein powder. So it's it's no it's not if you are not using protein powder, it's you are not getting enough protein. It's helping you to reach your protein goals and this was something that I was evading, avoiding myself for a long, long time. As I was always thinking that you know those powders they are not helping but it's really it has made a huge impact not only on my hunger levels, but also in my progress in my workouts. And when my goal when I have been strength training I have seen huge improvements in my strength within within the past. Two and a half years and just simply focusing on eating enough protein I haven't been counting my calories I have been basically just following or trying to hit my protein goal or actually I have rules how I will make sure that I get some bare minimum which is for me under 20 grams of protein every single day and even that is not optimal. It's bare minimum what I will do and then I'm not going to go for all benefits but basically protein powder is just one way to add more protein. It's like if somebody you rather eat some chicken breast go for chicken breast, it's a better protein source than protein powder. But protein powder is just a convenient way to do it. So it helps you with muscle growth, quick recovery and weight management as you will feel often fuller when you hit your protein goals. So also then use it. It's mostly all athletes or if you are interested about your weight management, you want to change your body composition, especially if you are vegetarian or vegan or you know you are trying to lose weight or how it's how much you should be eating protein. That is a different topic but it's 1.6 to 2.2 grams per kilogram on your weight or it could be that it's it's even a little bit high though so I always like to use 1.6 grams and if you have a lot of weight to lose, you could be using your goal bodyweight and multiply that with 1.6. And if you're using pounds, say mats apply but usually 2.7 to one gram per kilo bodyweight. I'm telling my own examples how I use protein powder because there are so many protein powders bits are the most beneficial or which are the best. Like what I would recommend to use i i personally use whey protein powder and that is the public the best supplements the most affordable but also the best one what is available and how I do it how I do it personally, I use just without any taste. I use neutral whey protein powder I added in my breakfast smoothie I my breakfast is every single day I use I eat some sorts of fruits like there's always one banana and now it's 10 seasonal fruits like an apple. Maybe some berry maybe some other berries with beets are seasonal I mix those with always with Greek yogurt, it's I always I have 250 grams but for most people that might be a little bit a lot food. I just like to keep it keep eat a lot in morning and then I add a scoop of protein powder so I get 50 grams of protein every single morning for my breakfast and then the protein powder you would be obviously drinking it to shake it started in my smoothie with Greek Greek yogurt and mix it together in a blender so that is my way to use it I don't mix it with some but you could be using for baking or or adding it with some new coat if you want to add some protein it's and you don't have to have to have like I like to use I don't like some tastes every single day. So I like to use it just as a powder. Then the second best probably from my opinion is Cassadine protein. It's it's basically the it's a you can I'm not going to explain now, everything all details which is what is the difference but basically what is the difference between V and Cassadine protein Cassadine protein takes a little bit longer to digest so so whey protein is kind of the most optimal if you use it after your workout before workouts. So it's abstracting pretty fast and casein protein. Let's say that you take protein shake before going to bed so it takes a little bit longer to absorb. So that is that is the other good protein source or protein powder source basically doesn't matter. There's so many like whey protein become protein powder, which I have used in the past but basically toasts don't make that big difference they are all more or less the same. So what kind of protein powder I use. I have like I said I take personally whey protein powder natural and other one is calcium protein and that I don't drink everyday but let's say that four or five days in a week, I have a class a protein shake. In addition, maybe in the morning if I don't have time, some days, I'm having access to go disease or or other Greek yogurt but if I don't feel that I need to eat something or I'm not physically hungry. I'd rather have that protein shake. And that is already in morning. That's my way to get my 7075 grams of protein already before lunch and DOS Arcos I'm kind of guy that I'd rather stick into my routine. I built my plan that I get even in my worst day I have 75 grams of protein already before going to lunch because I'm a person who likes to eat a lot and that when I'm making sure that I have those routines in my place in my day already I'm tend to eat a little bit less during two months and that's that has worked very well for me. Then other supplements number two, what is the most beneficial that must be creatine and creatine is something what i i personally I wasn't aware what this what what it is how it how it is to use them and for what it's if it's actually good or not. And creatine is probably the it's at the moment it's still very cheap to use. And it's it's a kind of workout supplement which have also some research is all the time they're coming with new possible benefits like cognitive health or cancer preventing cancer and that is that is it's so important supplement and one of the most beneficial what most researched supplemental theories and so beneficial. So I definitely recommend to use drafting for everybody and what is what it is how it's affecting like that you it increases your muscle strength and power and it's improving your exercise performance. So basically if you are doing for example strength training, it helps you to boost use usually get like how I felt it myself when I started using creatine it cut like basically I could do one more rep one to two more reps with same weight and that it gives you that kind of little boost for your workouts and obviously over time when you use it, you are making more progress when you have that creative. So it's it's something what you should be like if you are athlete definitely. And if you are eating and want to prevent that muscle loss. That's something what you definitely should be using but like creating isn't just only for workout muscle workout supplement what it's the best known as a as a workout supplement. But there is like as I mentioned, there is a all the time new research new studies are coming. So for example, cognitive function, so there is a studies telling that improved brain brain performance. So you are it's showing so it has been it has been shown to improve your cognitive performance particularly in tasks that require sorter memory. And quick thinking. And it's also helped in mental fatigue shows there are some studies such creatine can help us help to reduce mental static, although more there's not too much research in this area, then there's no neuroprotective effects. So it could be beneficial and having if it's against like Alzheimer, Parkinson's, Huntington's Huntington's disease, so there is not only only those and some brain injuries, so if you have had some treatment of traumatic brain injuries, obviously against ating, bone density, muscle loss, heart health, blood sugar control, there is literally so many possible benefits and it's all the time coming in my thing it could be even number one in this list before protein but creatine is something what is the disadvantages with protein like there is not basically what it affects is that you are going to hold a little bit scale rate but where it is very this that scale rate is going like so it's something what is naturally in creating is totally natural beats in in animal products and like in a meat. So, especially if you're a bit Starion or don't eat a lot of meat, you are you are getting those that's creating levels through supplementation and that that is that is something which I don't personally I don't need we don't need a lot of meat. So maybe maybe a couple times a week, but creating when you get that limit it's full it makes such such a huge difference from it has made for my myself and and that caught our attention. So it's holding muscle it holds water in your muscles so that your muscles are you might be they might be looking a little bit fuller and definitely you are going to see that scale rate might go up but that is that when you know that your body holds a little bit more water in your muscles and it's not it's only temporary like within first couple of days and then it usually goes away I have been using it for years and it was in the beginning like I again, I don't know one to two kilos if I don't remember wrong when I started taking it and amounts you should be dating creating it's actually lot probably less than most people take like coal recommendations or five grams per day. But for example, it could be a little bit less also. So I'm I'm that five grams is always like that that is what most studies have done. But if for example me personally I take three grams per day and I'm I weighed 90 kilos so it's like a 200 pounds and not eating too much meat but when I did my blood work mydriatic levels will grow on a high end. And that is it's associate granting levels were full and getting getting more creating per day. It wouldn't be beneficial or it's not giving some benefit so you don't need to take it than that. And if you get it three grams per day that makes such a big difference in your workouts and also have other benefits other possible health benefits. So the number three what I also personally use it's the toe sock this is these are first two supplements and then number three is omega three fat, fatty acids. And this is something like if you leave five its benefits are obviously cardiovascular health brain function and are the inflammatory properties so so those if you have some kind of heart or brain health concerns, you should probably supplement consider at least supplementing with omega threes as especially if you don't eat a lot of fatty fish. So I live in an area where we don't eat a lot of fish or especially not fatty fish we don't have access here is no ocean or anything in GloZell so that is something what I eat like I'm not like supplement companies they often recommend that you should have like because there is no if you look research, there is no upper limit how much you could be using because you could be dealing as much as you want like obviously this is always cold from supplement company. So there is no upper limit what you could be or it's not doing harm. If you dig it too much. It says that then your body is not able to use it like for example creatine or protein. If you take it if you supplement or omega threes if you supplement it too much. It's not that your body says that you are going to basically be out so you're in instead of getting some benefits you are just having very expensive B so there is no really benefits of overdoing it like I do like I used to I took from leaching what was what is still my sponsor. I haven't been using out their products but I think they their official recommendation is four capsules per day. I take one for example. It's as if you look amounts how much you are getting and and that is already all already something but it's just consistently they need and and it's it's there is not too much research about omega threes, but but there is there is like cardiovascular health, brain health, joint health I held. There are a lot of a lot of those. Those things like especially older you are getting or if you have some joint pain arteries or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. So this is these are these are those people who should be definitely using and if you are if you are like if you are on blood thinners so you don't you don't want to use it or if you have some seafood allergies or if you have some certain health conditions like liver disease or or something so those you gotta be careful before taking it so so just but those are basically that's the health supplement what I personally take what I recommend always take then number four in that list is what is the most beneficial from science is vitamin D. So vitamin D It's a it benefits our bone health, immune function and mood regulation. So who should use it? So those who are lacking sun exposure? Older adults are people with a darker skin. So this is something like that. If you don't get I think it's an some if you live in an area that you don't have a lot of sun, especially in wintertime it could make sense. But then let's say for me personally, I'm not taking time I'm living in a place that we have son all the time obviously now in the wintertime it's a bit less but we have still enough so I'm outside I like to go to work so I feel that I don't need it. It could be wasting my money if I would take vitamin D in a place where I live. As I'm outside. I'm moving a lot but but obviously your situation might be different. So those are vitamin D is number three, number four and then number five is magnesium. So magnesium it's its benefits our energy production, muscle function and sleep quality. So if those are, who are if you are deficient, obviously it's hard to say without some blood tests, but if you are deficient, you should definitely use it to athletes and people who have some sleep issues. So magnesium is it's beneficial and that is number one in my most beneficial supplements. So then, number five, five most overrated supplements and number one in this list is glutamine. So there is a claimed benefits are that it's you are recovering faster, you might get some immune immune support. And the reality is that study is so mixed results. So generally, it's not worth of most people. So it's number one. Number two is raspberry ketones, so claim benefits are fat loss or increased metabolism. And reality is that there's very little evidence to support these claims. Number three with most overrated supplements is CLA. So it's called it's conjugated lean, lino Lake acid, so claimed benefits are fat loss or lean muscle gain and reality is that inconsistent results in studies and potential side effects number four in most overrated supplements is the Aegon yeah him been so claimed benefits are fabulous, improve the sixth floor performance, and really these that it's largely discredited and can cause harmful side effects. And number five is all this those testosterone boosters so claimed benefits are with those testosterone boosters is muscle growth and improved more than their libido. But reality is that most over counter over the counter products don't have any significant impact. So those are all testosterone boosters. They are they are mostly they don't do anything so so if you want to get for example, testosterone, talk with your doctor, there are some treatments to get some your testosterone higher, but those supplements are some pills what you can buy without Doctor prescription prescription. They are just not worth of your money. Then I have I got questions about three very common supplements where I want to dive a little bit deeper collagen protein, fat burners and BCAAs as dosha are very popular, but there is a little bit a little bit different kinds of research what is going on with those supplements as especially collagen protein powder that I mentioned earlier. It's those whey casein egg protein kind of normal protein powder is the most beneficial ENDA and collagen protein powder. It's something what what is often I see that especially because it it has some kind of benefits. So play benefits, what correlates in protein should be that it's improved skin health. So in support and better hair and nail so this is something what most especially women are when I talk with the clients, they are taking it and I'm not saying that it's it's bad. You don't you can take it but But what researchers have found is that collagen protein has some promise in improving skin elastic, elasticity and hydration as well. Producing brainless. It can be beneficial for joint health. However, it's not the complete protein source. So it should not replace other proteins that provide all essential amino acids. So this is something like what I feel like especially older like people women, you know they don't want to get wrinkles and older men also the you know you want to look improving your skin and everything. So in this case quality and protein is helping but remember this is not it's not helping for replacing protein so if you they call it some protein powder, it's not it's not the same thing that you take whey protein or eat your chicken breast it says basically for if you are interested in in your skin here and joint health, quality, quality may be word of conjuring. Otherwise high quality complete protein source would be more would make more sense kind of like it's either eBay or any other protein powder. It makes sense. So then next Christmas or next that often what I hear is fatless supplements like you heard from that list. Those all those what I what I mentioned CLAS glutamine, yo him and those all kinds of ketones. They are as this is a billion dollar business, all fat loss supplements. They are helping that you are going to get accelerated fat loss. Maybe you are improving your metabolism and appetite is going to suppress and what research is actually fine that it it's that epic min effect is in effect. This author that was supplements is highly variable and author overhype. So what if you look fat loss supplements so caffeine and green tea extract are among the most the more well studied Fattal that loss aid then seems to offer and that seems to offer like milk benefits. So many others, many others lack conclusive evidence to support their claim. So there is no eight kind of supplements that these have worked for someone and that often with those fabulous supplements what they are doing like you might get some feeling that you are not going to be so hungry so it's going to suppress your appetite. But then will you are as our bodies they are very fast adapting and then soon as you are not taking it so how it's going like you in the beginning. If you start using some fat loss happening, you might feel less hungry and then a little bit later, it's not you are going to feel hungry again or you have to increase the amount you are eating so to get the dose is higher and then you know it's endless road if you try to eat her all the time, eat more or eat more that supplement that it's you feed the dose it's like it same if you never used to caffeine but caffeine is is something if you drink coffee, like 123 or four coffee is coffee and caffeine is one of the most beneficial supplement. The problem is that most of the people are already drinking coffee and and you are getting used to it so that doesn't help anymore so you need to like all that's why all kinds of pre workout supplements or energy drinks. They have to have so high amount of caffeine that you feel. So it's getting already it's a very lot of caffeine like That's why for example for me personally, I love to use a child I have basically never I want I never want to rely on pre workout or taking some pre workouts but sometimes if I just didn't sleep well or something, I take pre workout but if I for example if I take a lot of caffeine, some pre workout late late in evening, there's no chance that I'm going to sleep that night so it's then I'm basically sacrificing my sleep when I go to when I take some pre workout with some steams or caffeine later at night. So in the morning if I do like most of the time I do my workouts in the morning and that I can tell that it's it's obviously it's working it's helping to in some days when I for example didn't sleep well or, or have some other feeling tired. So pre pre workouts with a lot of caffeine are helping But same thing if you think fat loss supplements so it's not. You are going to get that kind of suppressive in the beginning but then it's not what you're going to do then when you are going to eat you're not going to learn anything or it's not you might get some quick fix for first 10 days. And then after that either you have to take higher dose or it's not going to work so so if it's vert of investment, so I understand your frustration you want to lose weight, you want to do it fast, but this sub supplements offer very marginal benefits at the best and are not not substitute for dietary and lifestyle changes that are needed for effective weight loss. So I highly recommend to stay away save your money with all fat loss supplements so so they are not for metabolism. They are not doing anything and losing fat faster. It that is just it won't happen. So don't trust and don't waste your money. So BCAAs are 10 some woodlark BCAAs it's kind of protein. It's branched chain amino acids, and they are promising to have enhanced muscle growth, reduced muscle soreness and a quicker recovery. But resources say that while BCAA can support muscle protein synthesis most most people you get already enough of them when you get when you are eating a balanced diet with high quality protein. Moreover, taking BCA in isolation may not provide the same benefits as consuming all essential amino acids. So if you are already taking some other like I take this kind of st and quality quality in protein. So if you are already taking there is benefit if you don't eat any protein and you start with a PCA, it's better than nothing. If you are not if you are not getting any protein but if you are already having some balanced protein you are taking already whey protein you are already taking maybe some other protein say there is no additional benefit of taking PCA because you are already getting everything what you are what you basically need to get all those amino acids so it's not it's not you won't get any benefits. So you are basically again wasting your money and if you already eat some normal protest, and this is this is something like what I what I what I use, this is what I use myself I have a collaboration with a company called I live here in Italy. It's in an area where I live called Alps solution solution. They their products are coming from Sweden like i i gotta say I loved them I loved I earlier I have used the products from Legion. I tried with my protein I think from companies, but I gotta say that for example with my protein, my that protein powder from them. i It was I wasn't digesting it well. So it felt like that I my stomach was upset all the time and that and now with Legion products with with UPS solution products they have from self it's a Swedish company where they are getting soy protein so their quality products. You can see from labels you can see everything goes that is for me it's important it's maybe not that much like beef I think my protein was probably the cheaper option but it was my stomach was upset all the time and and this is something what I personally want to have. I'm ready to invest a little bit more for quality products over some getting the cheapest possible and add protein powders if there is many like I know if you have some kind of intolerance or different companies like I said that if you have if you're if that doesn't feel it should feel protein powder or a protein supplement, suit feeling stomach like you have it decompressed that it's like one food that you don't feel any difference if your stomach is upset, try two different protein maybe instead of whey protein, try Cassadine protein or try different tastes different companies. So then the goal is that you find what you what you enjoy drinking or eating and what is not upsetting your stomach and that is the best way like I said I'm using that Alps solution I have gone there. I can I put it link for my Sonos it's Turo 15 Alps solution and in Legion. I have got Turo you get minus 20 brochures from your first order or double points. So I have those are my my what I personally use what I recommend what I can only tell good about that. And that is what what I personally use and that is everything. What I have today. I'm very bad at selling, but I don't it doesn't matter. You can order your protein or supplements wherever you want. Those are just what I personally use and love. So if there hadn't been good, if not, then no worries and are grateful creating what I personally use. It's just It doesn't matter what kind of creatine I rather take it from powder, like what is micronized protein powder and or creatine powder for example what I pay it's costing like 50 euros I think half a kilo with the ALP solution and if you get minus 15% off so you pay 40 euros or something for half kilo of protein if you take three grams per day. You can you have you have it for half year almost with the return report to Euro so it's not it's very inexpensive supplement. So that was only for supplements today. If you have any questions just email me Turo at feat Or just DM me on my instagram. And if you if you enjoy my podcast, I would really appreciate leaving leave five star reviews. Thank you for all those who have done it. They are helping me massively to provide quality information and thank you for listening and talk to you soon.