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Quick Solutions vs. Sustainable Change: The Optavia Diet Under the Microscope

September 14, 2023 Turo Virta
FitMitTuro Fitness Podcast
Quick Solutions vs. Sustainable Change: The Optavia Diet Under the Microscope
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In this FitMitTuro Fitness Podcast episode, we pull back the curtain on the popular Optavia diet. From understanding its underlying mechanisms to the science of weight loss, this episode is an essential listen for anyone even considering Optavia.

Starting off with a straightforward breakdown of how the Optavia diet functions, we delve into the reasoning behind its reported effectiveness. By examining the classic 1000 calorie diet and the math behind fat loss, we unravel the concept of sustained weight loss and debunk myths about rapid results.

Hear firsthand accounts from ex-clients who've ventured down the Optavia path and gain insight into the initial phase of weight loss. But beyond the short-term, what are the long-term affects? 

Who wouldn´t like to see fast results when it comes to weight loss. But is quicker always better? We dive into the timeline of progress and the sometimes surprising outcomes for those who rush the process versus those who remain patient.

For many, muscle mass remains a misunderstood component of the weight loss equation. This episode highlights its role in calorie burning and overall health, emphasizing the importance of resistance training in any weight loss journey.

Lastly, in a consumerist world, the cost of products and services often dictates their perceived value. We explore the monetary aspect of Optavia, questioning whether its price tag correlates with its effectiveness and discussing the broader implications of 'free' in the diet industry.

If you have a friend who is considering Optavia, could you please help your friend to make smarter decision and sharing this episode with your friend. 

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Turo Virta:

Hey and come to fit meter fitness podcast. Today's episode we dive deep in the Tarbiat diet and that's in this is not only Ottavia as there are several kinds of other diets available weights, promise you very quick results and I'm going to talk about the possible benefits and to who those are maybe good solution and who you should definitely try to avoid them. So before if you are someone who is thinking about starting some kind of diet program, please listen before you make any decision listen to this episode carefully. And because I got I got idea for this episode in my business sustainable peace program, we had a coaching call earlier this week and and there was somebody like us I was obviously interested to know like, why they joined and what goals people have, who signed up for the program and there was a one woman who said that she was actually thinking about Octavia as that is very, very popular in her like a lot of her friends are doing it and she was thinking about it, but then she decided that that's not going to be a probably long term solution for her as her main goal is to improve her health and as she had a similar background as mine, like parents passed away at a very young age only age of 60 like my dad passed away last January only at age of 70 and lost his health already at the age of 60 and this is kind of my motivation why I'm trying to do everything I can today at the age of 41 to see if my health goals like and and this is this is something what keeps me going and it was motivation for her also and see what's kind of between those options obviously the other option that Octavia is tempting as they promise us they are very good at marketing, they promise you quick results and to your pianist who would like to get quick results. And but in this episode, we go a little bit deeper on the science and what is what is what is that all hype is all about. So before you make a decision, listen carefully and now let's get into the topic. So what is what is the tarbiyah diet so it's about your diet isn't just about setting those bounds or losing weight. It promotes a series of foiling throughout the day. So what are what are these and how do they work so let's go deeper on on these core tenets of this diet. So this is what optare is how is that plan is working like that you are signing up for up Debian eight promises you amazing quickly results and you are probably going to lose weight to be honest you are going to lose if you go for you sign up for this program, you are going to follow it you are going to lose weight very very fast. What it then does, how it's working so you are getting like they are giving you a Plan B it's a very very low calorie plan like 802,000 calories and foods are actually they are very processed. So you get but it's it's simple to use, it's simple to follow. So you get they deliver you most of the meats or give you shopping lists what you should be eating what you should be avoiding and and how this is working. So obviously they try to provide you all kinds of all possible like nutrients what you will be needing but the problem is that they are very, very possessive so it's never going to be same then you would eat the normal natural foods then you take this plant but as you might be busy you don't maybe enjoy cooking so much. They give you kind of everything and that what happens is that when you get let's say that I'm personally male I weighed it's 200 pounds, almost 90 kilos. And if I would somebody would put me 2000 calorie diet. You don't need to use some rocket science that it would make me lose weight. If you think that one bound off that is around 3500 calories. So one kilogram of fat is around 7000 calories and if I do 1000 1500 below my calorie intake, I will lose a lot of weight. Like if I'm able to hold with that plan. Let's say I eat 1000 calories my calorie goal or my maintenance calories are cheetah Some 500,500 Every single day, and that time saving, it's over 10,000 calories per week. So I will be losing one and half kilos on average per week. So if I keep going that for a month, I am probably going to lose some, I'm not telling that it's going to be fat, but I'm going to lose some tissue, six kilos in a month. And often what happens in the beginning that it's even more like you will, I will probably see a lot more scale rate going down a lot more, because in this plan, you are going to limit your calorie intake, all kinds of sodium beets are holding a lot of water. So I would be losing probably in the beginning, like a lot of water rate, plus some tissue, it doesn't like this of data diet doesn't care if I would be losing it from my muscles, which is the most valuable tissue I have in my body, or if that would be fat. So it's something but I see lower numbers escape. And, and obviously, those are you do might be seeing those kinds of things, promoted promotions like that somebody lost or maybe your some of your friends lost 30 pounds in a month, right? If you have 30 pounds to lose, why I understand you you are going to if somebody is dealing with you get you just do this for a month, and you are losing that 30 pounds in a month, which is longer than 15 kilos in a month. And with this, it might actually happen. And now you'd think that you have that's exactly how much you want to lose, and why you would spend six months of losing that weight if you can get it in a month. And and that is that is that where where you have to start thinking twice, it sounds little bit too good to be true. And that's why it's so popular as those results are really amazing. But let's talk a little bit. Obviously, there's gonna be benefits, but I blog a little bit later, what is what are the benefits of how this Ottavio is working? Then you are you are I have to be honest, I have never traded, I have tried a similar one like it was from Herbalife, and nine day thing, I didn't follow it on to the tea, like I didn't do everything they asked me to do. But it was basically for two weeks or 30 days. And they would provide me all kinds of meal replacements, everything and that I would be more like most likely in return same calories, I would be not be not allowed to eat any carbs, or very few carbs, and only every once in a while so that it would make me lose weight even faster. And then meals, you know, I know that I would be starving, there would be no chance that I would exercise but principles are the same and how Talia is how it's telling you that you are getting like several meals like very, very small meals throughout the day. So you get five to six meals throughout the day. And those are very few you can imagine if your calorie goal is to eat 1000 100 or 800 calories per day and you divide it for five meals, that's like 200 calories per meal. So obviously, if you eat some green vegetables or salad, that's salad is like a 15 calories per 100 grams. So you could have, I would have one and a half kilos of salad to cream greens to have that one meal. So I have feeling that oh, that's a lot of food. But then if it's insoluble, that's something else. And, and so they are they are giving you all these masks or you are eating those five small meals throughout the day and you have a feeling that you probably are eating something but but those of you probably are not like how they are how they're doing. I don't know how it is I have just few few Excel clients and former clients who have done it and that their experience was that you didn't even actually feel like in the beginning it was hard. But when you kind of feel motivated. It was to Apple for first couple of weeks. And then what happens then after it's a different story, but that they don't talk about in that obviously in their marketing for not for sure. And how how then what are going to be long term effects. So this is what what research is telling us that so if you're if your goal is to take like obviously there isn't a lot of if you search from internet, I made a quick Google search. And what I found is that they are they there is a company called medi Medifast and they are making some office Little published cases and they often they are actually funded from their from Ottavia or manifest is kind of kind of company who is funded by Octavia. So, so or they are saying company so it's it's, they can provide valuable information that keep but it's important to keep in mind that this kind of if there is some potential biases like that they are they are funded from the company itself. So they won't be telling you if there is coming out some kind of long term effects which are not very beneficial for that company. You won't be reading about them, they won't publish them. But then if there is some benefits, what would benefit the company itself, I'm sure you will find them all over internet. And it's it's, it's how they are doing it but it's, it's it made made it look it looks like that it's some very, very science based studies and it's safe to do and everything but if i i was looking like other like PubMed and Google Scholar, there is very few long term costs. That's it as it's so new thing. There is a very few long term what our long term benefits or what harm it's doing in the long term like obviously understand that if you have short term weight loss, it might have some benefits. Especially if you are one of those one to two pros and who are able to maintain your results you will get you will get some people who are saying that well you are you are improving your blood pressure, you are improving everything because you have lost weight. But what they don't talk about are those long term long term bicycle benefits is what you are doing for your overall health. So this is this is what you have to keep in mind there is very, very little studies at the at the at the moment. So but now if you if I have blogged a little bit about how it's what is the long term lifestyle chasis versus this quick fix. So what is the what is the bad thing in this quick kind of what are promising you fixing all your basketball problems is the record time is that obviously you get the results what you want it but then I was talking I was telling in that call we had with my my clients in the sustainable peace program I've seen that pay now you have Hi friends who are signing in for Optavia they are going to be losing a lot of weight within the first month and you probably are going to feel like you are losing. I'd say what is a normal sustainable fat loss is two to four pounds so it's it's like a two to four kilos in a month. So two to four kilos and it's in a bounce it's four to eight pounds four to 10 pounds, probably something like that in a month. And when you are thinking like that now you are losing two kilos in a month. And feeling frustrated your friend is losing 12 Like six times more. If you are using pumps, it's four pumps and your friend is losing 30 You are how you are going to feel about yourself the seat will die but what I'm doing why I didn't go for this faster one. And but that wait six months, wait six months like those your friends who are trying to they are going the fastest possible in a month. And if you look where they are in six months from now, you can be pretty sure that 97 pros at least are going to regain everything they have lost back and usually it's even more so your friend who is losing 20 pounds 30 pounds in first month are step by step going to gain everything back and usually it's even more so let's say that you are doing they are motivated for a month maybe in some cases they are able to stick with the plan two or three months but it will be only matter of time. How when you are going to tell that I can take it you are counting days how long you are going to do it and what you are going to do when you meant that program finishes. They don't tell you how you can maintain that your lost weight you are going probably you think that I will learn a thing but how you are thinking that how you are going to maintain your lost weight if nobody ever taught told told you how to do it so they give you the diet industry this diet program they are giving you You're dependent on those supplements they're selling you. So you don't if you don't know how to prepare your meals, how to plan your meals ahead, how you are going to be able to maintain it if you are only only going to buy their products by their supplements and use basically very, very processed foods to fool your body to see fast as possible results. And in the other way, like if you go like now you think that your your progress is very slow, you're losing two kilos in a month or even less, let's say that it's a one kilo or like two to three bounce in a month. And you keep doing that for six months, you are losing six to 12 kilograms in the six months of time. And your friend will last same amount within a month have now already first of all didn't have any joint and while doing it because it was so restricted that there was no chance that you will be leaving some normal life. And then later on, you end up feeling guilt and shame because you are not able to hold follow the plan and you have no idea how you are going to vote is what you are going to do after you finish the program. But after you have lost the weight and step by step you are going back and usually after six months, you have already gained everything back what you have lost initially. And that's why when you are dealing with how fast is your progress, look it in or long term where you are from now six months from now or 12 months from now. And then you can say that you were actually having poor last first in the beginning a little bit less you had a lot faster progress. So I hope I made it I like to talk maybe a little bit too much of this because I'm just so fascinated about it. So what is what are what are the possible health effects like there is a Ottavia isn't without any potential side effects. And like I said there's there's a very, very little like obviously benefits are that the might be able to learn when you are not used to it. It's just one strategy. It's not it's not it doesn't tell you anything bodies individually they have one solution, what they are providing and it's the same plan or they have five different plans depending on your personal preferences but you are eating smaller meals per day. And if that is not, you are not going to follow that plan then problem is on you. It's you are the problem. They have to plan and that is not it's not personalized. So that diet is never it works maybe for some very few people in a long term I can see that you many people are having success with that. But But Bosu ball is different hits are that you might be losing weight it might help you while because like I said earlier you are you are through those through that loss rate your overall health might be better but if you think it in a long term again it's it's going to be doing more than it's like let's say that you have lost the let's say the oak Tabby is making you lose incredible thing kilograms which is which is 40 pounds in a month. And and that that is that is it sounds like a while that I want I want but trust me you are not going to feel that you are up to different number on the scale. But what actually represents the trade was what you want it you want it to feel better you want to maybe fit into your old clothes or or feel more confident those benefits you won't get and this is not Octavia isn't teaching you how to how to actually do it. So So you should see different number but like I said, maybe you have lost muscle mass. What that means then, if you're like I don't care, I just want to lose weight. I don't care if it's muscle or if it's fat. But what if that muscle it's it's very hard to gain muscle it requires a lot of work. What is the benefit having a lot of muscle is that your maintenance like how many calories you need, after you have lower weight, it's going to be higher more muscle mass you have and this is one of the things I always tell that some form of resistance training strength training lifting weights, you can do it with your bodyweight or pants. But that is that is the most important part while trying to lose weight. And that reason is that when you have been used let's say that you are losing a lot of muscle mass a lot of weight and but it requires also it means that later on to maintain your weight you need even less calories than before. So it makes it it makes you go lower all the time. Once you have lost muscle mass. And this is often what happens for people like middle aged women or also men. But after age of 35, you may start to lose muscle mass if you don't fight against. And that is the reason like that, why later in life, same diets will have worked in the past are not working anymore, because you are simply your maintenance calories, they are so much lower than earlier, because you have lost muscle mass, and every cycle of these kinds of tasks, fat press diets aren't going to make it even harder. So your maintenance calories, they are going to drop every single time. And that is that is that the biggest decent advantages of these diets. So and that is the word Octavia, or any of these diets like they obviously if I would be able to plan make a diet plan, I would tell you that you could eat whatever you want, you could go only eating McDonald's eating 800 calories from McDonald's for a month, and you would be losing weight, because the amount of calories is so so low that you are obviously this is not rocket science, you are losing when you eat less calories, you will be losing weight. And it doesn't matter how you eat, if you would be eating it one time in a day, five times in a day, but it's not going to be sustainable. So though, but basically, it's those calories are talking and that is that is what matters, what is what is then descent advantage with all these diets. And this is not only Octavia, it's every diet, which has name, that it's it's a one size fits all. So it's if you prefer eating something, and you delude yourself that I can't have it, it will be more you more, you try to restrict it more, you start to think about it. And when you tell yourself, it's It's then that one day, when you tell to yourself that now, i Bye bye, go for it. And then usually, it's the point when you can't stop eating about it, and you go way over because you think that I'm going to get back on track, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe it's going to be next Monday. So now it doesn't matter anymore. And this is what is actually making your progress a lot slower. So this is certainly sortly What what how that Optavia is working plus then other advantages, it's very, very costly. Like obviously they have planned, they have planned that they have plans that they are you are dependent on their supplements, so it's costing a lot of money. And, and then then it's very expensive. So obviously they they make it easy, it's very costly. And but this is thinking this way that I would be telling you now everything what you need to know I can be I have done this I have I love to give stuff for free. But what I what I have seen from my clients like obviously, I'm I'm I hate promoting, I hate selling i i would love to give everything for free. But the problem is that that if you get for free something It seems I recognize that for myself too. If I even I know what I should be doing. If I'm not paying for it, if I'm not holding myself accountable. I'm not doing it or I do it way too less that it would matter but if you pay for something like in Optavia it's costing a lot of money. So you're thinking that you are going to actually follow it because you have spent a lot of money on it same thing with the coaching like I'm not telling that you have to buy the my coaching or anything or or some somebody else but when you be like that dren transformation is starting from transit transaction and this is this is one of my business coaches told that and it's it's very true. So you are paying a lot of poor Optavia and it's it's I have seen the same with my coaching like I have different kinds of packages and more those people more they pay more better results they are getting because more likely like it don't have to be something what is like money is always something what I like I don't like to talk about it or anything but it's it's something like that. It's just the way to give that like what is worked for you like and often like we find ourselves to think that it worked for me but if I really think like what is what is important for me what is if my health is important? I'm obviously first of all, I want to be certain that I have everything I need like normal needs like I can be my apartment, my fault you I like normally to electricity, phone bills, and then everything else what is staying, if I, if I'm covered in a worst case, even if I lose it, it's okay. But if I want something, I'm willing to invest for it. And Octavia is very good at it as they are expensive, they deliver you, it's everything easy. But it's, it's a new, you feel like that you have to do it because it's expensive, you have to be before it. So then they have they have that auditing system there with the trainers who are not actually, health professionals are trained in nutrition, so they give you kind of accountability, they might be supporting you, giving you motivation to stick longer. But it's it's, it's four to $500 in a month. And what happens after it's that dose, like, if I tell you that I will, I start to sell same program. It says with the natural foods that you don't need any supplements, you could buy some protein bars, but I would give for my client 800 Calorie plan, eating vegetables, calories and dividing it five times per day. And I would say I charge 400. So or putting some receives in and it's it wouldn't be I wouldn't be I would have to be sure that all of people, you know, you would get fast results. But then when the program is done, what I would tell what I would be telling what they would be learning from that program. And so yeah, the exam before after pictures posted in social media after a month, don't come to me after six months, because everybody knows how you are going to feel how you're going to look. But getting those big wins during the promoting my coaching stuff even further. But that is not I would not take what is not deserved money. And like my job as a coach. It's the it's the deal. Deeds, my clients that they are able to keep going and not trying to keep them as long as you want. Because what is with these are very popular diet programs, how they work, they are giving you fast results in the beginning, then you are out of there, you pay for a month pay for two months, or three months. And then you are out you've got results. What do you got? You're happy, maybe you leave some review for them. Maybe they are I had a client who were promoting some these kinds of programs, they paid for doing some video and telling how it's amazing how it seems they're alive. So they had a very trustable. Before After stories, videos, they paid for them. So so obviously it sounds good. If you're seeing that kind of promotions, I don't blame you that you stick you went you bought their products. And then how it's after those three months, you don't hear about them, you go step by step back to your old thing, you gain your weight back. And then you think well, this thing was working last time. So why not to try it again. I was just not able to stick with the plan. But honest truth is, if something didn't, if you were not able to maintain it in a long term, don't repeat that same mistake again. Do something else. Because it's it's really that thing. What has worked for you if you if you were able to lose weight with some program, but you were not it wasn't a you were not able to maintain your results. This was not success. This program wasn't working. So this is this is what is honest truth about these programs. And I hope I gave you information enough to do at least a smarter decision. Whatever you are going to do. I'm not telling that you should not right. But just think twice. So this is this was episode for today. And I love talking I probably heard I'm very very passionate about this. So so if you know some your friend always who is thinking or who is doing Optavia I would really appreciate if you shared this episode with us with your one of your friends who is considering or just going thinking about starting up Davia I would appreciate it it would mean a lot to me because maybe you help her or him to make smarter decisions. So that's all what I want and nothing else. So thank you for listening and talk to you soon.