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The Future of Fitness: How AI Can Supercharge Your Health Journey

July 27, 2023 Turo Virta
FitMitTuro Fitness Podcast
The Future of Fitness: How AI Can Supercharge Your Health Journey
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Discover the future of fitness with Turo in this riveting episode of the FitMitTuro Fitness Podcast. In this episode, we delve into the wonders of GPT-4, an AI language model capable of accelerating your health journey.
Learn practical ways GPT-4 can craft personalized meal plans, guide mindful eating habits, and tailor workouts to meet your unique needs.
Understand why your fitness results may not be as expected and how leveraging AI can turn the tides. Explore how AI is revolutionizing health and fitness and why it could be the key to unlocking your potential.
This episode is a must-listen for anyone ready to supercharge their fitness journey in this digital age.

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Turo Virta:

Hey, and welcome to this episode today I'm talking set GPT. And how it's helping you to reach your health goals within just a second. So we are going to go deeper like on topics like how to plan your meals, how to reach your bowl protein, or get some receipt ideas in getting your workouts and all this fit in a second. So with this, I'm providing you exact prompts. I have been using an app with this in this episode today, because I have been testing it a lot with, with my clients posted in my clients, Facebook group, practical tips, how to actually, for example, reads your protocol which could be 100, hidden 120 grams of protein. So these kinds of practical things when you are struggling like what, like 90% of people, they are like it, how the hell I should keep my protein goal, let's say that your goal should be to eat, for example, 120 grams of protein. And what I'm going to show you how it's actually how you can make it, you can get hundreds of ideas within a second. And then it's only your job is to decide what is working for you. But this is an this is the what is what is that but let's get started like that. What is what is actually that said CBT. So if you are not familiar what it is, it's an it's an artificial intelligence. So it's it's kind of language model iPod is kind of like a supercomputer, what you can use what you will use, like, if you have probably used a Google shirts, it's like a few shirts something you get the you get the good ideas about, let's say you google your shirt, some protein also usually starts with how much protein or you said some kind of information from Google, for example, Google is giving you pretty all key answers, but that you might get if you have some kind of questions that you might get some blog posts or something which don't have that much like actually accurate information. What is the difference then in that CPT and artificial intelligence? Is that that information is the best information, what is available? And it's it's giving you basically information? What as good as you should, so you get most accurate information? What is based on actually understudies, because it's it's finding all information, what is the internet and providing you the best information? Like if there is some studies or something so you get the best answer you can get. And this is, this is what I'm using myself there is like basically two models like it's called CBT. For and CBT three point, I think five or three point it's, it's there are two different models, it PT four is the latest update, what you can what they have been using, it's not totally for free, it's I think it's costing like 20 euros a month or something that subscription. But if you are using even the free version, you get so much information like that knowledge is not a problem. So, so this is, this is what it is and what like what I have been using myself, like I don't know where you are, I'm located in Italy. So I'm using I'm using a website called Set open So this is this is basically but if you should set TPT you will find that site where you can just register, it's totally for free. And you just need to create your password login and you will find that you will find that free source to get information just within within couple of seconds. So so it's it's a what is that CPT forms basically. So it's kind of brain side for open AI. So it's a machine learning model that can generate like a human like text. So it's the what is the exciting part of this is that you can use it to optimize your fitness journey of your health journey. Whether it's crafting your meal plans, guiding your mindful eating habits, saving your workout routines. And here I'm going to provide you exactly the things what I have been personally testing trying out. And so you can get within basically seconds new ideas how to actually do so let's start with the meal planning. So you can ask GPT for to generate an entire week's worth of meal plans, customized for your dietary preferences and goals. So you can if you are vegan if you are gluten free, that's no problem. If your goal is to hit a certain amount of protein, no problem it's it's giving you idea If, and, and if you don't like those ideas, you can just make it new, like, it gives you answers more accurate information you're able to give about yourself, it creates everything and it all literally within seconds. So, if you're you want to get high protein meals for muscle building no problem. So, the balance is always the key and this is an example what I posted in my clients Facebook group today, I was giving a prompt like prompt the support you are starting always in like kind of new set with that and asking questions like and I can continue that because there is you can start start always new set and asking questions, but if there is, if they are related for same problems, and if you continue using same set, it gives you It remembers what you have been talking in that set earlier. So if you have if you give information like I was writing that I My goal is to get I want to get 10 me ladies with 100 to get 120 grams of protein per day. And I was giving you information that I like to eat three meals per day. And one snack. So this is my my eating preference. And my what are my favorite protein sources. So my great favorite protein sources I was given pre pubertal tan chicken got it is tuna and Solomon, those are my favorite protein sources, obviously you can, you can use your favorite protein sources, or you can simply using for example, with the foods what you have available at all. So I was trying it yesterday that I was looking my my freezer, because we are going on vacation actually, when I'm recording this tomorrow, we still don't know where we are going. So it's kind of liberating to know that we are going but we don't know where so we don't have a lot of food in our our fridge at the moment. But when I was looking what we have, and I was given information that what what foods I have available. And then I was asking that give me three or 10 different ideas. And if I don't like if there is something what I feel like that, okay, this I could be trying this I could be doing, this is the result what I'm going to do. So with this examples, you can use, like literally everything and it gives you within seconds. So you don't need to search very long time to give you like kind of new ideas that what I have two more days of people being it gives you like you could you can literally if you give information that you don't have, you have what most people they don't have a lot of time to cook. So you could give examples that I have 10 minutes time to cook or 15 minutes. So it gives you fast receive ideas which ingredients you have at home. So so this is this was what I was putting like a test. Let's say that you put it you write your protein bowl meal ideas, and then it's giving you it gave me like breakfast ideas like you can ask how many you want, I was just limiting it that I don't want to get overwhelmed. So I was using tested technique sample. So I got like three four different ideas with those ingredients I've wrote. So obviously you can you could be using your favorite protein sources, what foods you have available. And then it gives you ideas. So different ideas. They're also like a breakfast ideas for was put into these pancakes. And I got fruit bowl with Greek yogurt, I got Greek yogurt smoothie. So those were like if I would be adding X i could be using that would be different 100 different ideas. So if I if there is something that I don't like, I don't, I feel like it is not for me, there are just the possibilities are limitless. So you can you find so easy. So you don't need to save some 100 cooking books and think what you are going to do, it's just so simple to give you like really really within seconds ideas. And then it helps you like for example if your goal is to like what most people are struggling hitting the protein bowl, how you are actually going to get that hit the protein bowl with how many meals it gives you exact amounts, how much gray pupil how much protein is in that meal, what you are going to use so this is this is it's it makes everything that all that calculation, what is often overwhelming, it makes it for in within literally seconds. So so this, this is just the simple way for example, meal planning using that CBT in that way, then what about what about the mindful eating? Right? What if you are if you your goal is like to become more mindful? So it can it can the TPT four can serve you as a mindful leading coach. So it's not unappealing that it's not removing that human that kind of conversation. So you need like what I what I'm planning actually to do is that because I have been using it a lot and testing it with my current clients, so I'm planning to launch in late August kind of program where you can get all individual information. So if you have if I have information for each client favorite foods, everything I can provide, like within seconds, ideas, individualized workouts, and this is what I'm going to tell you now, how I have been using it. So for example, yesterday, I was talking with one of my one on one coaching clients, we were talking, I was recording whole conversation and putting that all conversation which is in a text mode, like it's basically what what I'm talking, it's prompting, it's in a text. And with all that information, if I have questions, I asked that what kind of tips you would give for that person? Can you provide me different kinds of strategies, it gives you like 10 different strategies, then when I'm able to provide based on that conversation for my clients, that here here are, let's say 10 different strategies for mindful eating, for example, how to approach it, what kind of tips and then that my client, for example, can say that okay, these these contestants 10 strategies, I'm going to start drying with one of them, or it don't have to be 10 It's overwhelming often. But if I let's say that five different strategies, and then it's kind of my clients job is to choose which one they feel that this could work for them in the long term. So this is just to keep you provide ideas, not telling you what is right, what is wrong. But it's it's a simple way in in like to use it as a tool and as to provide different kinds of strategies, which are actually scientifically proven. So for example, mindful eating books, how you could be using TPT for or, or the CPT, as you're mindful eating bowls, so it can provide you prompts like to remind you to eat slowly appreciate your food, this listen your body's hunger and fullness signals. So if you want to have a dip, it's just basically describing your situation. And you could be starting with the smaller portions, take a moment to appreciate the color smells, textures of your food before you dive in. So trust me if you are trying all these kinds of tips, what it can provide you, you your knees start to taste better, you learn that more you practice it, you become actually more mindful. And this is this is the kind of art with everything that it's not there is no you know, there is so much information available in internet like if you should you unsure if you are listening this, that that that you have heard most of the people they think they know what they should be doing. There's like there is a lot of information. But if you if you answer like then it's often just some new ideas how this could be working and distributor with some kind of human like advice, I would say that if if you are someone like who thinks that the wild is accessed, just an incredible tool, how I could be starting to work, if I start to provide some tips, you could basically basically be doing it, but what is what is missing is that you actually you need to have kind of experience if you have experience working like with the hundreds or 1000s of people. So you know, often common patterns, what is working, what, what kind of strategy is how long it takes everything and you know what kind of questions you need to ask and when you ask better questions, the right questions, better information you are going to get and this is this is how this it's going to be future you want or not, but it's going to be future. This is this TPT it's only a couple of months now. And it's already like companies huge companies, they are investing billions of using it in there all kinds of information, but this is just an example how you can use it in your health and fitness journey. So then what about water button workouts? So this is something what you can how you can get individualized workout so I was reading it yesterday for example, when I was creating new workout programs, I can honestly I have created several programs for my clients. So I was giving information like I was using prompts, for example that I'm a 40 year old man or woman I was trying kind of both. And then I was I was building like all kinds of information what my goals how How many times in a week I want to work out? What is my fitness level like that I'm beginner, I have never done strength training, I'm I'm working out at home, I have access to dumbbells or I have access only to my bodyweight. What my goal is, and this is it's giving you like, if you ask that I want to have I was asking yesterday, for example, that I want to have three banks, we're about three times a week, around 30 minutes, we're about using only dampers, I'm 40 years old woman who have never done strength training, and I want to get started. So could you provide me variables, and it gives me examples, like more better information you are giving and, and those exercises I actually really liked. And maybe I would not use all of those, but most of them, they were still okay, what I what what is what was my opinion, as being coach and doing programming for several years. So this is, it's just an example of how you can get like that you don't need to search YouTube workouts or something to get ideas, obviously, it's giving you those names of I don't show you some video of what you should be doing it gives name of its exercise. So you might if you're not familiar with all exercises, how they are called, then you might be using YouTube or something to see actually how to do those exercises properly, but you have like the most effective or maybe not most effective, but at least some kind of plan was making creating programs. And if you have, like I was just testing it 35 For example, will often I get like a client who's coming in, they have, they might have some issues like acne problems, or back is hurting. And obviously those you can protect, it gives you exercises you can do with knee pain, and everything. So it's really really powerful. And this all within just two seconds. So it's you don't need to search any exercise plans, what you should be doing, you get actually pretty good exercise plan. So, this is this is for verbal part how everything can be an EVP that will be future in next year. So if you have better information you are able to give it gives you actually within seconds, very good exercises. And if you can describe your goals, if you have some weaknesses, where you want to focus, put more attention, that it can actually take account everything, all information you are giving it and it's helping you to create that within within just a few seconds. So this is something what I have been working and I have been trying and I absolutely love it. So it's, it's it feels kind of a little bit overwhelming, a little bit new, like ghost, it's one more new thing because you feel like that there's all the time something new coming. And but then the thing is that it's it's it's a tool, like everything like that you are, it's in the end, it's not doing work for you. But if you are not sir like it's taking that kind of thinking process away making everything so much easier. And it could be like what I was driving yesterday it was giving literally like for food labels, if you do grocery shopping, it can give you reminders like when your food is expiring or or what you should be buying if your goal is to hit, for example, the amount of protein within stay within these calories. Or if you like what I what I have been using it that I was playing it like for example tracking your calories becoming aware, because this is always always old sayings is starting that you know what you are currently doing. So if you don't have any kind of plan, it can help you to create that actually plan and then going going for first first step is always to become aware of what you are doing. And when you know that what what was what, for most people, what is missing parties that they know that they have. They know there is what they should be. Let's say that losing weight. I don't think there are many people who doesn't know what they need to do to lose weight. So that information or if you don't know, there is like millions of posts what you should be doing for how to lose weight. But the problem is with most people is that they never look back and because they think that most of the people they are very good at losing weight. But where it comes problem is that they have problems to maintain. And then they often thing is that it's unattainable to maintain that thing. But where you should always get started is to start actually looking why you have failed You're gonna best. And when you look back that okay, I was doing this diets like, let's say keto ballet or Weight Watchers, whatever diet you have done. And then when you are, when you know that, okay, this was with keto, I was very good at losing weight, but I was never able to maintain my weight, then it's, there is some kind of better that if it's if it's coming like that you are trying to restrict two months, you end up that you are having low energy, you might see a lot of progress. But then at some point, you just can't take it anymore. This is this is a pattern, what happens with most of the diets and when you recognize that pattern, but this I have done this wrong in the past, it was not bringing me it bring me it was bringing me results in the beginning, but I was not able to maintain, then that system, it's that if you are going to repeat and think that it's it's it's just I'm missing willpower, I miss motivation, whatever, or I don't have time. So these are most common reasons, by the way. And and if you think that those are reasons why you were not seeing results, it's it's you take that guilt for yourself. But if you understand that there is there is some kind of better, like, for example, diets have like 95 or 97% failure rate. So this, if you think you'd like what kind of failure rate like, if you like, let's put it in that other way. Like if you are like I'm like I said, I'm going to vacation, I'm probably going to fly somewhere tomorrow, if I would know that I'm going when I'm going to step up on the plane that it's it has over 90% of chance. Plus, it doesn't matter where I would be where I know, where I know that I'm going to go for a beautiful vacation. But that if I know that there is 95% chances that plane is going to crash would I go? Probably not. But it same with the diet. So if you know that there is that kind of chances of failure, what why you would be why you keep trying exactly the same thing. So so don't repeat those same mistakes over and over again. Instead, start asking why you have been failing in the past and looking at analyzing why you have failed. And when you find there's often some kind of common theme what have caused that you have failed. And when you find that why it's not working, then it's then that sets EPB together with the kind of coaching it will help you to provide those excellent strategies what can be individualized, and like post there are so many like strategies, it doesn't matter if it's for poor workouts for nutritional advice, practical tips, how to move step by step on daily basis in your life just within seconds that you don't need to plan your meals for. Like what I often hear that I don't have time, so I don't have time to plan my meals, I don't have time you know, it can create you grocery lists, soaping lists, if your goal is you can when you give us accurate information of what you need. So you know what you will be needing how many for example calories if I was trying to track my calories I if I didn't have food scale, I didn't know exactly what I'm eating I was giving it as accurate information as I had. So I took my notes I was writing down everything I was eating on that day I was writing down that I had a blade of pasta with tomato sauce I had a cup of cottage cheese I had whatever I had I had a french fries with some steak and it gives like more accurate that is more accurate information you are able to give a more accurate answer you are going to get but even without measuring everything perfect you get really good estimate of total calories of total protein. So you know what you have been actually doing and when you learn from your past from your mistakes what you're currently doing and you know at least what you should be doing with these kind of strategy is like what is scientifically proven and that says some smart marketer who is using your insecurities to market you to let latest diet or fastest results with somebody else who doesn't have your life your situation what is how much research and then you are you are buying it because of your insecurities and because you might have seen that somebody some your friend or even what I heard a lot that they got people going for Doctor doctors recommending something what they do by themselves. So because the and then people tell me the doctor looked great, so probably intermittent fasting would work also for me and I was like How the hell can somebody recommend some Something more discouraging for them. I would never I can tell what I'm doing. If you tell him as an example, like what is what is what is my preferences, but I would never take advice from somebody else. Or I would not if you are like, if you don't enjoy eating breakfast, and I love eating breakfast, what is for me the most enjoyable meal, what I'm looking for, for the most is if I'm if somebody is telling me that I need to start intermittent fasting, I will start to cry. Because I would not imagine to do it now that if there's no medical reason, or no scientific reason why you should be doing, why you should be doing it, why you don't find your way? Because it's in the end. pathless it's very simple. It's basically tell, obviously, there are some factors, but it's basically calories in calories out. And and if you think like that, okay, what about hormones? They affect you, but they are also often related with your weight. What you are eating? How is your sleep? How is your normal activity levels? So there is no, for majority of people, it's not, it's not a secret, what you're looking for it says the information what you find, who is somebody providing an internet and thinking that there is some missing thing? What is missing from you, and that they use it as their marketing tool. So, so honest through this, that it's it's very simple. It's not some science, or some rocket science, what do you need to be learning, it's all really about consistency. And learning to do stay really consistent and doing what you can and understanding that nobody's perfect, it's not being perfect on plan or doing nothing. Because if you are really on spot to everything perfectly for two months, and that is leading that you are going to be very inconsistent. For next five months, you haven't been you have been like 30% consistent for for past months. And if you would be aiming for, let's say 8070 80% consistency all the time, you would get lot better results than aiming for two months, perfect. Six months doing basically nothing. So it's that kind of approach that it's not about being perfect. It's about finding those strategies, what actually are working for you individually. So and this is this is how this combination with artificial intelligence, and actually with some human conversation goes, it's not even you know, what you kind of should be doing it still, we are still in our mind, we need that kind of accountability having to read that it's actually working when we have those bad days, when we don't feel like that now, we should take action. And then you see that somebody was exactly in the same situation, providing some tips giving you telling you that what, what they did, and you see that it's actually possible also for you in your situation. It's not I'm not going to lie, it's not going to be easy, but it's going to be always worth it. And that's why I like kind of communities, surrounding yourself with the same minded people and having somebody who actually know so, so that is when you are all by yourself. That's that's often what is the missing part and that you feel like that you are all the time by yourself and this artificial intelligence, that CPD it's there to help you to actually provide you within seconds making your life easier. And not overwhelming, just making it easier. And giving these kinds of ideas for all your health and fitness journey depending on your situation for everything. So that was for this week's episode of fitment Turo fitness podcast if you find these tips helpful, consider joining my Facebook group paid me Turo VIP friends for life or if there's anything if you want to if you're interested to start look, my calorie calculator join my email list and I will be announcing when I'm going to announce I'm going to launch that program based on this artificial intelligence it's going to be probably takes at least a month that I'm working on basically trying things out that that it's probably going to be for very few people in the beginning and and but like I said, potential and possibilities are really like kind of limitless with this. And if you know that somebody who is interested want to know no Learn how to use actually Ted CPD least surface episode. I would love to hear what your thoughts are about how you have been using so steam me to activate me And what was the biggest takeaway from this episode and how you're going to use that artificial intelligence improving your health and fitness journey. So, until next time, keep moving, keep laughing and most importantly, keeping you talk to you soon.