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Avoiding Vacation Weight Gain: My Tips and Tricks

July 13, 2023 Turo Virta
FitMitTuro Fitness Podcast
Avoiding Vacation Weight Gain: My Tips and Tricks
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Are you tired of returning from your vacation feeling guilty about the extra pounds you've gained? Look no further! In this episode, I bring you a comprehensive guide on how to avoid gaining weight while enjoying your vacation to the fullest.

Join me as I´ll dive into the expert tips and tricks that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle during your time away. We'll debunk common myths about vacation weight gain and provide actionable strategies to set yourself up for success.

Before you embark on your journey, learn the importance of pre-vacation preparations. Discover what you can do in the days leading up to your vacation to create a solid foundation for healthy choices. We'll also share valuable insights on how to get back on track after your vacation, ensuring a smooth transition to your regular routine.

Gain a fresh perspective on diets and understand why they often fail. We'll explore the diet cycle and uncover the reasons behind its repetitive nature. Discover a new approach that focuses on long-term progress rather than short-term fixes.

While on vacation, staying active is crucial, and we'll emphasize the underrated benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle during your trip. It's not just about burning calories; we'll delve into how staying active enhances your overall vacation experience and positively impacts your mental well-being.

We'll also address the social media comparison trap and the negative impact it can have on your self-esteem. Learn how to break free from comparing yourself to others, including both social media influencers and real-life influencers. Gain actionable steps to improve your self-image and embrace your authentic self.

A healthy breakfast sets the tone for your entire day, and we'll highlight its significance. Explore the importance of eating a nutritious breakfast and discover how it can boost your energy levels, improve your mood, and enhance your overall well-being. Hear our guest's personal experiences and favorite breakfast choices that keep her fueled and satisfied.

Curious about breakfast preparation methods? We'll explore different approaches to breakfast and share valuable insights from our guest, including their perspective on starting with high-calorie foods. Discover how they create a balanced and enjoyable breakfast routine.

I hope you enjoy the episode

Turo Virta:

Hey, and welcome to this episode today I'm talking about how to not gain fat while being on holiday on vacation. So this is, this is a one of the most common questions I get at this time as many, many, many people are so worried about losing their progress, gaining fat, and because maybe maybe you have been you're in situation that everything is going well, you have lost some weight. And obviously now went to Vacation time, you don't want to lose all your progress. So in this episode, I'm going to tell you the best possible ways, not only to not lose your progress, but how to actually with actionable steps, what you could be doing during vacation, after vacation, and probably even before vacation. So with these tips, you are setting yourself the best possible vacation, and that you are actually able to enjoy it. So first, it all starts like before vacation. So so many people, they think that you are in a mindset that now you are going for vacation, which is probably like for most people, it's a week or maximum maybe two weeks of entire year. And and now you think that you must make it kind of good. Before you are even going there. So you might be using some kind of detoxes or or starve yourself week before vacation. And this public diverse thing what you can do before vacation, because if you really think it like, what is going to happen, how is that going to lead like, obviously, you think that if you do it, you are going to you are going to make it kind of good. So you are allowing yourself so you can do those things, what you initially want to do in your vacation, and that you are not making progress. But this is actually it's the worst advice what you could be doing. Because how it's usually caused that you are starving yourself, you are maybe doing some extra workouts before your vacation. And then what where it all leads that you are going to actually pins often even before vacation. And then during vacation, it's like kind of on Arrow, what you are loading, loading, loading, loading. And when you are telling to yourself that I can't have something, then at some point, you aren't going to tell yourself that now I have had enough and and that is that is leading to all those things that what is going to happen vacation. So if you tell yourself that I can't have these things. And then when you allow yourself you are like you are going to have them and you can stop them. And it's the same thing after your vacation. If you think that you have to you were eating like a pig, which is actually it's a good thing for your soul. But if that leads that you are thinking that now you have to make it good in some way you are going to restrict you're going to maybe punish yourself with the workouts. And this is again you are repeating that cycle over and over again. So why you are actually doing it. It's It's that when you when you do to yourself that you are not allowed to do something you know, you don't you are not allowing yourself to enjoy for that week. It's literally it's one week of your life, you are going to repeat that same cycle over and over again. Because if you think this mindset What do you might be having? Like, during the vacation you are allowing? Let's say that it's it's an ice cream? You are you have vacation from Monday to Sunday? And then do you tell yourself that I can't have ice cream? On on after vacation? Then how it's going to lead on Sunday? Somebody is asking do you want to ice cream, maybe you don't even want that much. But as you know that you have to get back on track on next day or in two days, you are going to the tip. Now I want to have it and you are going to eat all of it. Instead if you have that kind of mindset but this is only week of my life. And and I can have it you have always absence you are not telling yourself that there is a good foods, bad foods, foods you are not allowed to eat, it leaves that you are actually able to say that, do I really ask questions that? Do I really want it? And if the answer is if the answer is no, actually I don't need it. You don't need to you have the power to say no. But if you are using this kind of mindset that you are all the time telling yourself that there is it's you have to start on Monday. And this this over restricting and punishing yourself it will be you are repeating that same cycle over and over again. Why? And that's the reason why almost all diets are failing. So if you are doing util you have these kinds of fruits for yourself that you can't have it and then when you do you can stop eating them. So like how is that if you don't know how the diet cycle every single diet it doesn't matter if you are doing intermittent fasting thing you are doing keto Weight Watchers doesn't matter. You can name all those diets, they follow the same principle like you are trying to lose weight. So of course you go for diet you try to it then it leaves after the diet doesn't matter which one you decide to choose it, it leads that you are going to restrict in some way it could be limiting your eating times, not allowing yourself to eat certain foods or whatever form of restriction but there's always going to be some kind of restriction. Then the longer you do it, you will have some kind of gradients. So if you tell yourself that I can't have ice cream i i have i start over on Monday, it leads that that you are going to have cravings and when those cravings come in, they are they are going to it's only at some it's only a matter of time when you will tell to yourself that I can't take it I can't have it anymore. And you are eating those foods what you or you eat within what is what is what you are not allowing yourself eating certain times or or foods you take that you will never ever have again. And then of course you can stop doing it. And then it leaves that you are you are feeling guilt and saying about yourself and you think that I don't have willpower. I don't have power to do this. And then for a while you wait that and start that whole cycle from the beginning you decide diet, maybe it's a different this one. And then you are kind of feeling that guilt and saying all the time. So for vacation, if you think it like a thing it I played a bit opposite. If you remember, I'm sure you have had one perfect week or close to perfect that you hit all your workouts you were doing you were eating healthier, unhealthy meals most meals of your week. And thinking like how much progress you were doing within that one week. So you didn't lose significant significant amount of fat. You didn't lose a lot of scale weight or even maybe maybe scale rate went down depending on methods what you were using, but you didn't gain a lot of strength. And if you didn't like it, now you are scared that it's going to happen with you for one week. You are that doing not single workout you eat like a piggy for for a whole week. And you don't do anything and now you are worried about losing all your progress. But if you really think it doesn't happen in a week, and and the only thing what matters is that you are you are doing it like that before vacation and after vacation. Exactly like nothing happens. It says the one week that you are allowing yourself to enjoy yourself and do everything what you want. I just had a conversation with one of my clients like most of the people who I work with, and when there is the vacation time they are very stressed like that they are they want to keep doing workouts and when we usually have some kind of conversations Christina was one of them next he was really excited like after, after a couple months he was first time able to now stay consistent do actually those workouts will see promise to do and obviously seeing love good amount of progress and now was vacations he was thinking that OKC could be doing some kind of Bodyweight Workouts a couple of times a week. And she ended up doing nothing. And now when we saw like she has built habitats he's doing it see the only time when she can actually do it is in early in the morning. And on vacation. She was thinking like OKC had like very demanding and busy job. So she didn't want to wake up earlier to get workouts done. So she was thinking that she was completely enjoying it not doing any workouts and now what matters. And when she got back from vacation. Now she's doing those workouts again. Now she's telling herself that now it's time to get back on track, do those things like before. And this is the ultimate way how to actually not lose progress because you don't make or lose progress within one or two weeks. And now she said that she was she was actually she was doing all things what she wanted. And that's how your vacation should be without feeling any guilt of if you if you if you enjoy burping up like I'm I'm person. I'm so active, I can't stay, I feel I can't lay down. I can't access the person I can't lay down I can maybe one day in a week. Maybe two, but more is not possible. I'm not I'm not going to do if I'm going to I'm going on vacation and record this in one week. I'm not planning to do any workouts. If I find a place there's a team. Maybe I bought there do a couple exercises, but I'm not going to plan any workouts if I feel like I do it. But I have that freedom that I don't need to do anything so that I don't feel guilt of not doing it. So I'm not planning anything. I'm planning to eat whatever I want. Want and I'm not telling myself that I can't have something if I want to have something I will also eat it. I'm giving you a little bit later tips how to actually what I do and what you could be doing on vacation to not make a little bit better let's say this way that that that not eating like everything overboard and gained like seven kilos in a week was probably that could have happened and have happened for me too. But then and then what I what I really do what is usually help him for for many, many people is just staying active like if you enjoy going for a walk like sightseeing going for new places, taking your steps walking everywhere where you can this is the best way for exercise part what you could be doing on vacation and and that is that is helping like it's it's so underrated staying active. What it's not only about burning calories, but but also only for your mind. And when you are walking staying active sightseeing it's more than enough for a vacation to stay active then other things what I what I see a lot of people that they are so worried about themselves and they are feeling killed and saying about the way out they are looking. So if you are on a beach you know you don't want to be with your you don't feel you may be comfortable with your party. Like most of the people are not like I don't I don't feel that if I go with my past marriage, like always somebody who's like looking better. And obviously somebody who is looking worse, but don't worry about it. It doesn't matter. Nobody gives a shit. Like To be honest, you are the only person who cares. Like all other people they have so busy taking care of looking how they are looking. And and pay don't look, they don't care how other people like it's totally normal. If you go outside go for beats go for bull that people they have some fat, they have some belly. And so why why not? Why not to take your shirt off into it. Be proud with your course now anyway, it's too late to do it. It's too late to change anything what you can be what you could be doing is after your vacation, start with something sustainable. And for next time you are looking like better flight for this time it doesn't matter and and if you look like remember when you are on vacation, you are not in some social media like what I see a lot of like I'm guilty for myself, you compare yourself with somebody on social media and when you are doing that you are thinking that everybody else is having so perfect buddies. They look so good in their pants and I'm just like a fat but this is not the reality if you go to some beats or with a normal people people are there is no there's hardly no one like it's it's maybe one to 3% of people who have like actually party like what you see all the time in social media. So and even those people who are who have in social media if you have seen them, they look really good on pictures, everything but in real life He doesn't look like that. It was the best example was last year on vacation I had a I was in same hotel with some kind of influencers and I was looking what they were doing like they didn't look great at all in real life. But what they were doing like they were taking some pictures with the right lightning and then using some filters photos of stuff like that and when you when I saw them I was checking them out and social media holistic they were looking so good on social media, but then in real life was a totally different story. So this is in that symptom. What do you have in social media everything has to be look after look so good. And what is actually in real life. If you don't have perfect lightning, you don't have perfect filters you don't have Photoshop, it doesn't look that good. What do you do now you are interested in illusion that everybody else is looking so great, but if you look normal people this is totally normal to have a little bit belly to have a little bit fat. And and if you are if that is what you are seeing in social media is preventing you to show to be without your shirt being in the beginning that you are missing. So Max, so this is this is something what I want you to remember that don't compare yourself with somebody else, especially not in social media because the reality is something different than that. And if you see like normal people and that is that is there are it's that's normal to have little bit fat and be normal so don't think that you you are something versus literally nobody cares. So then about a little bit about actionable steps what you could be what you could be doing, actually doing the Vegas. So one of my favorite things is like especially breakfast, what I what I do because I love eating breakfast I love eating so much food. And and obviously I was in last weekend in photo and they were like right away when you walk in there were like a Frisbee, gates and everything and they looked so good. I immediately wanted to have some of them but I have made use of myself for breakfast. I'm not telling you I can't have them but I have an order how I do it. So when I go for hold like I usually I eat so much that I will not I don't want to even see food before evening. So so this is something what I obviously need to also improve myself but it's not it's not that I don't need to eat everything but it feels like because it's so rare situation is that I usually will have a lot more than I should be and then not actually feeling good holiday so this is kind of my my struggling load is like I know it's coming from my past like from my mom always told me that they have to finish everything and kind of not knowing like that. I don't know how why this if something is for free you get it then you know you eat a little bit more than usual and especially if it's something good what I naturally enjoy, this is this makes I'm getting crazy with these things but but I do it in a breakfast like I always I look for what is available, what I enjoy eating. Then first things what I'm going to eat those are like my what I want to be sure that I'm eating is my protein soy and fiber. So I'm starting always with some feeling most feeling foods like like I have some kind of fruits with usually with some yogurt or something and after that I might have some kind of thick things like our own lead or some kind of other protein sources what I actually enjoy eating and I try to or if there is some vegetables available. I enjoy it I love eating vegetables so I eat first always like kind of those foods what are the most importance what are making me feel as full as possible for longer with least amount of calories. Then I eat a lot of them I eat a lot of fruits, a lot of yogurt, which are feeling and a lot of vegetables which are feeling my stomach and then after that when I have had everything of those foods then I wait I go as low as I can. And then then I go the night before in the end. I eat all cakes and sweet stuff what I initially wanted to first but when I do it in the end after waiting after eating everything else first and raving as long as possible. What I have seen is that I still eat them but I don't eat as much of them. So if I would be hungry and go right away to get some sweet stuff with gates and everything I would have easily four or five pieces of cake without even realizing it. But when I do it in this way I usually it's maybe it's just tasting a little bit but it's anyways portion sizes are so much less than normally so this is like kind of my way how I approach like breakfast especially like even it doesn't matter which order you are eating you could be starting with gates but it helps me personally to eat little bit less of those like kind of high calorie foods what I initially want the most but I'm still not telling myself that I can't have it. Then that for for all other meals if I'm if I'm eating like a dinner or something if I have absolute to choose where I where I can decide what options I have, I made sure that I have on each meal I have some source of protein, so it's if it's going to be some good steak or fish usually and then I make sure I have some kind of vegetables or salad. So these are kind of things what I made sure that I have and then everything else I don't care but when I made kind of better choices because if I if there is a two or three different choices what you be choosing, so I chose those because they if they are if there is an option, what I really want, I did that but if there It's like, I'm not sure between two or three absence, because they are all kinds of good, what I initially want, then I go for that what is like, the most protein, there's the most vegetables, and then I go with that. And also with, with, with the foods, I always I love those desserts, everything but what I do with that everything is that I as low as I can, just slowing things down and going as low as you can and not forcing myself to finish everything. So I rather have many different things basically, like if you are like I love going on vacation in places that I haven't been visiting for often. So I love to try like local local stuff, and local foods, but obviously you don't have possibility to eat on your daily life. But when I do it, I will I will always kind of try to try to call eat as low as possible and not like even I take everything I just take a little bit and go as low as I can. So so this is making sure that I drink a lot of water before, when I was before I start to eat, when I'm eating during eating. And that this is this is helping so much to feel fuller. And because then when you are so full, that you can literally eat anything, it's it's a win win situation. And it just depends what you have been eating and how you have been eating not too much like, on like, what matters. For me what helps you is like the right order, and how you are eating instead of what you are eating. So if you go really slow, and drained to kind of wintertime, that's the best way to prevent that kind of overeating. And then when it comes to all like ice creams, desserts, I allow myself to have everything I I'm not a narrative that I can have. But it's like I said earlier, same thing. It's all about how much of it and how you are eating instead of what you are in. So these are these are kind of my ways how I how I deal with the holidays, how you would be doing and the most important thing is to enjoy it, allow yourself to enjoy it. It's it's a fucking it's a week or two of all year you are not making you're not losing progress within vacation. And all that matters is that you act like nothing happened before vacation and after vacation. So get back on your normal routine, do everything like you like nothing wouldn't happen. It doesn't matter what that scale is so often after right after vacation, obviously if you jump on the scale, you see that obviously how much weight I have gained. But it's mostly if you have been eating a little bit more carbs, you have your body's holding a little bit more water. It says that if you you don't need to make it good. What happens it takes usually three to four days and all that weight is gone. But you don't need to do it it's going without changing anything. So it normally go ate your regular breakfast do not skip your meals. If you can, you would be eating a little bit less if you are not hungry like what happens for me over if I really eat I might not be that hungry, but I've never skipped my breakfast breakfast is for me, it's the most important meal what I enjoy the most I never skip it I might be eating a little bit less so I don't need to force myself. But I will never skip it I believe always something and and then just getting back on normal normal things what you do on a day by day, and that's everything you need to do. So that was listen for today. I hope this was helpful and if you are at the moment in vacation or you're about to go vacation, enjoy it and have a best time of your life. And don't think any of your fitness progress. So thank you for listening and talk to you soon.